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New Country Organics soy-free and WHEAT FREE layer feed - 40 lb bag

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New Country Organic's 17% Protein Wheat-Free Layer Feed is a complete nutritional feed of cracked and milled grain that's supplemented with kelp, organic alfalfa, and Poultry Nutri-Balancer. It's formulated with additional calcium for eggshell strength and organic flaxseed to increase the omega-3 content of the eggs. Formulated without wheat, this feed is ideal for customers handling the feed who may have gluten sensitivity. Made exclusively with North American Organic Grains. 

Because New Country Organics feeds are milled on the same equipment, we do not guarantee that the finished product will be 100% free of wheat/gluten.  If you have an allergy concern, we recommend consulting with your physician to ensure this product is right for your flock. 

Packaged in a 40 lb bag.