Delivery to the city of Atlanta is FREE on orders over $50

CityChick Organic Feed Subscription Service


 Has this happened to you?

You walk out to the coop and you have the sudden realization that you're out of feed..... 
Your poor chickens start staring you down....
Panic sets in!
Your chickens might stage the great chicken revolt if you don't get feed to them!

Keep your chickens happy and from staging a coup (see what I did there?) and subscribe to the CityChick delivery service! 
Enjoy the convenience of having your feed delivered to your doorstep. It's one less thing that you have to worry about every month.
No more last minute trips to the feed store lugging a 50-pound bag of feed into your car. 
You'll be able to easily manage your CityChick account online. Start, cancel*, or skip a feed delivery - its all up to you! 
Its simple to subscribe - here's how:

1) Create an account in our online store or login into your account.
What? No CityChick account?
2) Select the type of organic feed that you would like delivered. We currently offer New Country Organics soy free Standard Layer, Corn-free layer, and Grower feed as part of this service. You can even add hemp bedding to your order every month!!
3) Select the delivery schedule that you would like. You can receive a delivery every 15, 30, or 45 days. On average, three full size laying hens will go through one 50 pound bag of feed once every month.
4) Please use your 5 digit zip code. If you use the 10 digit zip code, our system will charge you the incorrect price for shipping! I'm sorry, but Paypal is not accepted at this time for the subscription service. You can still use PayPal to place your individual order through our store.
5) You'll receive an e-mail notification that your subscription has started! That's it. The feed will show up at your door within 2 - 3 business days of the order. You'll receive an e-mail before your next order letting you know that your credit card is about to be charged.
6) Log in to your account at any time to pause your service, or cancel the subscription service.

*Changes to the subscription service must be made no later than 24 hours prior to delivery. No refunds will be issued for changes or cancellations for same day subscription changes.

Our delivery area includes the metro Atlanta area. This is defined as anything inside the 285 perimeter of Atlanta. Additional charges will be applied to anything outside of the delivery area.
Questions about the delivery service? Please contact us at