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About CityChick

My name is Heath and I'm one of the co-founders of CityChick and I'm passionate about chicken keeping. 

Heath with CityChick
Heath with CityChick

My parents both grew up on a farm. My dad loves to tell the story about how they used the money from the egg sales to purchase their first black and white television set. We would visit the farm during the summer and one of my highlights as a kid was always going out and collecting fresh eggs from the chickens.

Parents at CityChick
My parents with their grand-chickens.
I used to live in midtown Atlanta with a small coop and two hens named "Thelma" and "Louise". Our friends and neighbors used to love to visit our backyard and enjoy the delicious fresh eggs that we would share from our humble backyard flock.
CityChick Louise
Louise - one of the original "CityChicks"

One of our friends commented about how they would love to keep chickens however they weren't sure about where to start or about the commitment. And that's when the idea for CityChick was "hatched". I quit my job to take on CityChick full time.

We wanted to remove the expensive up front barrier to entry to chicken keeping. So we developed a chicken rental program. Our promise was that we would do everything centered around the well being of the chickens. We made the decision to provide only the best organic feed. We designed our own heavy duty chicken tractor and run that was designed to keep the chickens safe. 

We realized that working out of a rented U-Haul space wasn't going to work for the long term and we needed space for more chickens. That's when we moved south of Atlanta to the country so our chickens could have more space.
Jeff with CityChick
Jeff with our first coop design that we built in a rented U-Haul space.

Since those early days, we have delivered chickens to over 250 Atlanta area backyards. We have worked with many Atlanta area schools and churches on how to raise chickens. We've taught people how to be a little more self sustaining by producing their own food (fresh eggs). We've raised over a thousand baby chicks using organic methods. 
CityChick chick
One of the baby chicks that we've raised at CityChick HQ

We've kept our organic promise by supplying Atlanta with the best soy free organic chicken feed that is on the market. We deliver feed and supplies to farms that are located in and around Atlanta. We work hard source products that are sustainably produced and manufactured. CityChick is a large supplier of hemp bedding in the state of Georgia. We've shipped our chicken keeping products all over the United States.

CityChick renters
Happy CityChick clients!

We've been featured on, Atlanta Parent Magazine, Voyage ATL, and 

We are committed to giving back to the amazing Atlanta chicken keeping community. Read more about our community commitments by clicking here. 

If you are thinking about chickens or if you have chickens and you are looking for the best for your feathered friends we would love to get to know you and your chickens! Feel free to contact us at