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CityChick Flock-Aid Electrolytes for poultry

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CityChick Flock-Aid electrolytes for poultry can be used to help stress caused by adding new birds to a flock or from transporting chickens or dealing with an illness. CityChick Flock Aid electrolytes are also designed to support your chickens from heat stress. 
  • For poultry of all ages.
  • Powder dissolves easily in poultry drinking water.
  • Free from any chemical dyes used to color the water.
  • Use in times of flock stress (adding new chickens, moving chickens, etc.)
  • One package of CityChick electrolytes makes up to 8 gallons of solution
  • The bag and label the electrolytes are packaged in are compostable. 

Chickens have an average internal temperature of 105 degrees. Add a beautiful coat of feathers on top of that and you have a super hot chicken! When temperatures exceed 90 degrees, chickens can struggle to cool down. The blend of vitamins and minerals found in the CityChick electrolytes will help keep your flock cool and hydrated by restoring lost minerals that may be lost.  

Did you know that chickens can have salt deficiencies? CityChick electrolytes help to replace sodium that could be lost during heat stress. Salt can help to encourage feed consumption that results in faster poultry growth and improved immunes systems. 

Also contains calcium lactate which can help reduce the number of cracked and broken eggs that you receive from your flock. 

Directions for use:
Mix 1/2 teaspoon of electrolytes into one gallon of clean, cool water. Offer the mixed solution and plain drinking water (in a separate container) at all times during hot weather or other stress. Keep stored in a dry, cool location. Keep out of reach of children and pets.