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Meet Whitney! Our CityChick chicken keeper of the month for June!

If you're new to keeping chickens in Atlanta, you might not know it but you're a part of a wonderfully diverse group of amazing people who care about animals. When I first started with chickens in Atlanta, I only knew of a handful of people that were chicken keepers. Backyard chickens have become popular in Atlanta, and its my goal to help introduce you to some of your amazing chicken keeping neighbors! 

And for June's CityChick chicken keeper, I'm thrilled to introduce you to Whitney! Whitney is the founder of the super popular Facebook group, Atlanta Backyard Chickens. If you are new to keeping chickens, this Facebook group is a must! There are so many experienced chicken keepers that are willing to help out with any chicken related questions that you might have. 

 CityChick chicken keeper of the month

                                                             Say hello to Whitney! 

Who is Whitney in a tweet?

I have always been an animal lover and have worked and volunteered in animal welfare since the late 90s. 


How long have you been keeping chickens?

I had a flick when I lived downtown. Now I’m in the suburbs, but we raise chicks for fun for our friends with chickens. We’ll be moving to our dream farm in a few years.
CityChick chicken keeper of the month                                                                     Whitney loves everything 'fowl'!

What's your favorite thing about keeping chickens?

Watching them hatch in the incubator is pretty incredible! And I love seeing their little personalities develop.


How many chickens do you have?

Right now we have 4 chicks that are almost ready for their homes. 
CityChick chicken keeper of the month

                                                  The love of animals runs in the family! 

What advice would you have for any new chicken keeper?

Do lots and lots of research before starting your flock and join Atlanta Backyard Chickens.

If you haven't already joined the Atlanta Backyard Chickens Facebook group, what are you waiting for? There's even a fun monthly chicken photo contest that you can participate in. Check out the Atlanta Backyard Chickens Facebook by clicking here!

Interested in sharing your love of chickens with the community? Contact us at and you could be our next chicken keeper of the month!