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Meet Dale! Our CityChick chicken keeper of the month for July!

Do you have backyard chickens in Atlanta? Did you know that you're part of an awesome community of people that have decided to raise poultry? At CityChick, we're excited to introduce to you some of your Atlanta area chicken keeping neighbors! 

I couldn't be more excited to introduce you to Dale. He's retired military (thank you for your service) and he's an active member of the Atlanta Backyard Chickens Facebook group. He's got one of the most unique chicken coops that you've ever seen! 

Say hello to Dale!

 CityChick chicken keeper of the month

                                                    Thank you for your service, Dale! 

Who is Dale in a tweet?

Dale Harris is a retired Marine who served three combat tours while on active duty, I’m  also a husband and a father to three wonderful kids


How long have you been keeping chickens?

I have been keeping chickens for a little more than a year
CityChick Dale's coop                                                          Don't you love Dale's coop? 


What's your favorite thing about keeping chickens?

For me the best part of raising chickens is open in my back door and seeing all of them run to greet me


How many chickens do you have?

As of now I currently have seven chickens three of them I Isa browns,2 are Golden Comets, and 2 Sexed Links
CityChick Dale

                                                         Dale with one of his ladies! 

What's your favorite breed of chicken and why?

My favorite breed of chickens will be the golden Comets they’re very easy to maintain and they love attention


CityChick Dale

                                                 Dale taking one of girls for a ride!


What advice would you have for any new chicken keeper?

The advice I will give new chicken owners are to make sure that you do your research chickens are a different kind of pets there are lots of predators and a lot of diseases that can harm them make sure you know what you would get into before you get them

Thank you to Dale for being our July CityChick chicken keeper of the month!

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