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Meet Cory and Jason, our chicken keepers of the month for September!

What does your significant other think of your chickens?

I've always enjoyed hearing how people got started into their adventures of backyard chicken keeping. And something that I always hear is, "I would have gotten into chickens sooner but my partner hated the thought of getting chickens. It took some time to convince them!" It's rare when both people in a relationship are super excited about chicken keeping. But that's not the case with this month's CityChick chicken keepers of the month! 

That's why I'm thrilled to introduce our first ever couple for our CityChick chicken keepers of the month for September! 

Meet Cory and Jason!

CityChick chicken keepers of the month for September

                                Cory and Jason showing off their pet Silkie and Buff Orpington.

Who is Cory and Jason in a tweet?

Cory is a theatre teacher and director in Fulton County and an avid listener of NPR. Jason is a journalist with a passion for the safety, health and happiness of all animals. In addition to chickens, they have 4 turtles, 3 dogs, and live a plant-based diet.  

How long have you been keeping chickens in Atlanta?

We're newbies to the world of chickens - getting our first chickens back in late May. 

Chick City from Corey and Jason
                                            Have you ever seen a coop with solar panels? 


What's your favorite thing about keeping chickens?  

Our enjoyment of our chickens comes to life in many different ways. One of our favorite things is feeding them special treats. They love their various melons - Water, Honey, canteloupe. They go crazy over live meal worms and lettuce. Our enjoyment over their love of food has actually led to  conversations in the produce aisle debating whether or not we believe the chickens will enjoy this or that, and whether or not to get it.  Along with their excitement over food often comes the wide range of sounds our chickens make that bring delight and curiousity about how they're experiencing their world. We can always tell when they're happy, angry, anxious, sad - they are very transparent with their feelings.

Coop interior photo                                    Inside view of the coop area. Coops within a coop!
How did you get started in chicken keeping?
Simply put, we found ourselves in the Neighbors Feed and Seed Supply Company in Smyrna, and I mentioned to Jason that I would like to get chickens someday. I grew up on a farm in rural Southern Illinois, and had great memories of going out to my grandma's chicken coop to gather up the eggs. Having chickens around always just seemed natural and made sense to me. So whether it was this nostalgia, or perhaps another pursuit that came to life out of this pandemic, we returned to the feed store the next day and brought home 2 buff orpingtons and a rhode island red. That 'someday' happened much sooner than we anticipated, but as the number of chickens continues to grow, we're happy with our decision. 


How many chickens do you have?

We have six chickens. We have 1 Buff Orpington, 1 Rhode Island Red, 2 Silkies, and 2 Silkie Showgirls.

Buff Orpington and Rhode Island Red

                               Some of the lucky ladies at Corey and Jason's urban homestead.                           

What's your favorite breed of chicken and why?

It's hard to have a favorite. Each one of our chickens has characteristics and personalities that we find endearing. However, if we had to pick, we are quite fond of our silkies. They're just precious little fluff balls.

Little Edie the chicken                                                          Check out "Little Edie"

What is the one chicken-keeping item that every chicken keeper needs to have?

While I know people have differing opinions on what works best for their chickens, for us we found gold in keeping our coop clean when we discovered the kiln-dried pelletized bedding. Once a bit of moisture gets to it, it starts to puff up and break down making it easy to use a kitty litter scoop to remove waste and the chickens love kicking it around and digging in it. 

What advice would you have for any new chicken keeper? 

For us, we would say be prepared for the three 'P's' - Poop, Predators, and Protection. Poop - they do it... A LOT! I mean, we knew they would, BUT it's a never ending cycle, so get your products, tools (for me it's this tiny little rake and kitty litter scooper), and your daily routine down. Predators - there are a lot of them. There are only so many ways to protect from death from above (hawks), but we have realized that we cannot spend our days constantly monitoring there every move outside. In short, we learned quickly that free range was not an option for us as the hawks are brutal. We were outside with our dogs, literally within 10 feet of our chicks grazing, when a hawk took one of them, so the hawk was not detoured by our being there. This event prompted us to realize the necessity of building a large run off the north side of our coop so they have ample room to roam safely. Finally, protection against those predators. -continued- 

Jason and Corey's coop with solar panels

                                The solar panels help to power fans inside the coop!

Our coop has two feet of underground netting extending beyond the coop perimeter which has been covered with rocks. Additionally, we have installed reactive solar lights and regularly put down a naphthalene-free snake repellent. Since the elements of nature are another component to protect your chickens from, we have installed a solar panel so we can run fans and coop heaters depending on the season. We decided to go solar given the location of our coop in relationship to the house, and it has been working like a dream. 
A great big thank you to Corey and Jason for sharing your chicken keeping experiences with the community! Keep up the amazing work with your beautiful flock!
Cody holding a chicken                                       Is there anything better than holding a chicken?

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