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Back before CityChick even hatched out as an idea, I went on an Urban Coop tour of Atlanta in 2015. One of the stops was the Wylde Center, Oakhurst Garden in Decatur, Georgia.

CityChick at Wylde Center

If you're unfamiliar with the Wylde Center, they are an educational green space that offers educational programs and events that offer the community a chance to develop skills in environmental science, sustainable urban living, organic gardening, health, and nutrition. They offer the Decatur Farm to School program that works to improve nutrition, knowledge of where food comes from, hands-on outdoor education, environmental awareness, and appetite for fresh fruits and veggies by leading efforts in the classrooms, cafeterias, communities, and gardens of the City Schools of Decatur. 

Plus, they have chickens. 

CityChick at the Wylde Center

I fell in love with the Wylde Center and have been a huge supporter for the past few years. I've been donating three bags of organic feed every month for the past three years. That's over 5,400 lbs of feed!

In the Fall of 2019, we had the first ever CityChick meet up group at the Wylde Center Oakhurst Garden. It was a free event open to all Atlanta area chicken keepers. It rained that day, but that didn't stop the awesome chicken keeping community from showing up and learning about backyard beekeeping!

CityChick meetup group
Take a tour of the Wylde Center chicken coops!

For more information about the incredible Wylde Center, click here.

In 2020, we debuted the Atlanta Backyard Chicken coffee mug. The net sales from the proceeds from the coffee mug went to the Animal Lifeline Project. Thanks to the amazing backyard chicken community, we have donated $200 to the Animal LifeLine Project of Atlanta.

CityChick coffee mug

We've donated to several local Atlanta area schools and non-profit organizations over the years. We're so fortunate to be part of a great community in Atlanta and happy that we can give back in a small way.

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