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8 ft CityChick Cedar Chicken Tractor - BASE MODEL

$1,299.00 Regular price $1,399.00

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The CityChick cedar A-Frame chicken tractor is constructed primarily from red cedarwood. Cedar acts as a natural pest deterrent and is naturally rot-resistant. Our coop is constructed to be heavy-duty and will last for years (not months like those cheap online coops). Our coop will look great in any backyard and will provide safety and security for your flock.

CityChick chicken tractor features:

  • 2 locking egg doors to allow for easy access to collect delicious fresh eggs!
  • The run area is constructed with heavy-duty hardware cloth (raccoons can easily open flimsy chicken wire).
  • 2 locking run area doors. Keeping your flock protected from predators while you aren't able to supervise free range time.
  • Easy to remove, large side door to allow access for easy cleanings.
  • Removable nesting bar.
  • Locking ramp door. Pull the ramp cable up at night after the flock goes to bed. Keeping your chickens protected at night!
  • 2 hooks to hang your feeder and waterer (feeder and waterers sold separately). Check out our custom made water pipe add on feature by clicking here
  • 2 Wheels that allow you to easily move the coop around your yard. Your flock will enjoy new spots to graze on and to fertilize!
  • Perfect fit for 5 full grown chickens or 8 bantams breeds. 
  • Measures 8 ft long, 4 ft tall, and 4 ft wide. 
  • The base model *does not include* a feeder or waterer. Please check out the upgrades for these options.

 CityChick cedar chicken tractor upgrades:

  • Cedar does turn a beautiful grey over time. We offer a 100% tung oil finish. Tung oil is a wonderful chemical-free alternative to chemical sealants. 
  • 6 ft run extension. The flock will love the extra space that our beautiful cedar run provides. 

  • Water pipe feature. Dirty water is unhealthy for your chickens! Keep your water clean with our custom made water pipe. Easy to fill and will last for 2 - 3 days when filled.  

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CityChick chicken tractors are built on demand and can take up to two weeks from the time of purchase to delivery.

Our CityChick cedar chicken tractor return policy:
All of our cedar chickens tractors and runs come with a 30-day return window. The chicken tractor must be returned in the same new condition as when purchased. If you need to return your cedar chicken tractor within the 30-day window, contact us at We will schedule a time and date to pick up the coop. We will return the amount paid for the coop less a $60 pick up fee.