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CityChick Poultry Playpen - A brooder box to raise chicks or house a sick / injured chicken

$499.00 Regular price $599.00

    *CityChick Pullet Playpens are custom built. Please allow up to two weeks for delivery from the date of purchase.

    Need a place for your baby chicks or pullets to safely grow?  
    Want to keep them separate from the rest of the flock?  
    Need an isolation area for a sick chicken? 

    Designed to hold 15 baby chicks (up to 6 - 8 weeks old) or 10 pullets (8 weeks to 2 months) or 4 pullets (2 - 4 months). 

    We offer FREE DELIVERY with any purchase of any CityChick Pullet PlayPen or CityChick chicken tractor to the metro Atlanta area.

    CityChick Pullet Playpen features:

    • Pullet PlayPen dimensions: 51" L x 48" W x 44.5" T
    • Easy to open top door. It allows easy access to feed and water your feathered friends.
    • Fully removable front door. Remove the front door to clean out the playpen.
    • Built with heavy-duty hardware cloth designed to help keep your chicks safe!
    • A second level of perching bars. Your chicks will love to perch when they are big enough!
    • Built-in dust bathing area. Once your chicks are big enough, they will love to dust bathe in this awesome area! The dust bath area is removable and easy to clean.
    • 4 caster wheels. This makes it easy to move the playpen around on any flat surface.
    • 3 hooks to hang feeders, waterers, or other items (feeders and waterers not included)
    • Not designed to stay outdoors for extended periods of time and the playpen should never get wet.
    • The perfect home for a sick or injured chicken.
    • Constructed primarily with pine wood.

    Sorry, cute chicks aren't included!

    *This product is not designed to stay outdoors. Should be kept in a dry location. Perfect for garages or sheds.

    Our Pullet Playpen return policy:
    All of our Pullet Playpens and CityChick cedar chickens tractors and runs come with a 30-day return window. The PulletPlayPen must be returned in NEW condition. If you need to return your PulletPlaypen within the 30-day window, contact us at We will schedule a time and date to pick up the coop. We will return the amount paid for the coop less a $60 pick up fee.