Due to the ongoing Covid-19 crisis our backyard

chicken rentals have seen a large spike in demand.

We are currently running a waitlist for our rentals.

To add your name to our waitlist, please contact us email@citychickatl.com

Thank you and continue to stay safe during this challenging time.

We've made some changes to how we do our rental drop-offs. We'll practice the CDC recommended guidelines of social distancing. We'll also ask that only one person be present for the 'intro to chickens' class. Don't worry, we'll send you notes ahead of time and you'll always be able to reach us during the rental if you have any questions. We even made a video for you to watch before the chicken's arrival to help you prepare. 
Watch the video here:


Why Rent?

Experience gathering your very own backyard eggs without having to commit to full-time ownership.


We know that costs can add up when it comes to owning chickens - try our affordable rental program.  We make backyard chickens fun and easy!

Sign Up & Receive
  • Your Very Own Coop  with Nesting Boxes

  • 3 Hens 

  • 6 ft. custom cedar run now included with the price! 

  • Bedding - high quality shavings

  • Free Delivery inside Metro Atlanta

  • Feeder & Waterer

  • Chicken 101 course

  • Worry Free Rental Promise

Ready to Own?


Our custom cedar coops are a perfect fit for any backyard. Our easy to move chicken tractor will provide your flock with new areas to explore. Our coops were designed to make cleaning a breeze.


We have several different styles of coops available to purchase.  As well as shavings, feed, and more!


6 ft.Coop & run  ​


5 Hens

 8 ft Coop & run 


*Price does not include the cost of feed.  


  • We use the best 100% Organic, soy free, non-GMO feed.  

    • The cost is $39.50 for a 50 lbs bag of feed.  

  • Typically, 3 hens will eat one pound a day.  

  • We suggest starting off with 50 lbs of feed for the 3 hen package and 100 lbs for the 5 hen package.​

Monthly Rental for Your School 

Imagine the delight of your students as they get to collect their own eggs! 


The coop is designed to keep the maintenance at a minimum. The only thing your faculty and staff will have to do is to enjoy the eggs! We provide continual support during the rental period.


We provide:

  • one of our custom-built coop and runs

  • 3 hens

  • organic feed

  • feeder

  • shavings

  • weekly coop cleanings

  • treats

  • a free "chicken care" class.

Not sure if your outside area can have chickens?


Contact us at email@citychickatl.com and we can provide a free consultation and pricing information. 


We do come out and speak to classes. If interested, contact us!


We get it.

You probably have lots of questions about renting chickens. We decided to interview one of our clients to help you better understand what Atlanta's best chicken rental service is really like!

Name: Sheridan
Location: Atlanta
Length of chicken rental: 2 months and counting!


Wait, you seriously rented chickens? Why?

I've always wanted chickens, and I love free range organic eggs.

What is the daily maintenance of the chickens?

In the morning I put their feeder in. After work I collect the eggs and briefly clean their roost. Takes 5 minutes. I let them play and scratch for about 15 minutes or longer if I'm able. They are eager to go back to the run with leftover fruits and veggies. After dark, I close their roost so they are cozy and safe.

Are the chickens noisy? 

They make sweet little sounds. Never loud. None of my neighbors know I have them unless I share my eggs. Neighbors love this!

Are the chickens fun to be around? 
I look forward to visiting with them in the afternoons.  My cats enjoy watching them through the storm door.  Makes some great photos.

Did you name your chickens? And what are their names?

They're names are Zeb, Red and Honey.  They each have distinct personalities.  Red is the inquisitive one that likes to be rubbed on her neck.  Zeb and Honey are inseparable.  They travel in twos.  

Would you recommend CityChick to anyone thinking about getting chickens?

I recommend City Chicks as a great way to have a chicken family.    I almost always get an egg a day from each chicken. 

Heath is very responsive to questions and is sure to teach you at least one new thing when he comes out each month.  


Thank you Sheridan for sharing your experience! If you have more questions about our rentals, visit our FAQ
Or contact us at email@citychickatl.com.
Innovative Business Model and A+ Service

My husband and I both wanted to get backyard chickens, but were concerned about a whole lifespan commitment without knowing everything that went into caring for chickens. Enter CityChick! For a low monthly price, we get to experience caring for backyard chickens without the multi-year commitment. On top of that, every experience with Heath has been incredible.


From one on one instruction to answering our questions about the health of our chickens, Heath has taught us so much about the chickens! We are sold on CityChick and recommend it to all of our friends!

- Katie A.


Call Anytime!

We Provide Worry-Free Service and we are happy to answer any questions you may have! 


  • 100% Worry-Free Guarantee  

  • Enjoy All Eggs Produced By Your Girls

  • Backyard Coop Setup & Breakdown Service




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