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Pumpkin Seed Snacks from Treats for Chickens


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Pumpkin Seed Snacks contain magic pellets of nutrients and egg enhancing alfalfa, kelp meal, flax seeds and calendula (marigold petals) along with healthy grains and sunflower seeds.

This special treat was formulated to increase the health benefits of eggs while also optimizing the overall health of your beloved flock members.

We suggest tossing this treat out in the yard to encourage natural foraging. You can also hand feed to increase interaction and bonding with your flock.

Ingredients such as alfalfa has long been a favorite for chickens in the wild and it's goodness reaches far with poultry. Alfalfa is a super nutrient that strengthens bonesligaments and tendons. It's also a great forage nutrient when the winter months come along and there's not much greenery available to supplement their diets. During the off-laying season, Pumpkin Seed Snacks promotes the rebuilding and restocking of vital nutrients depleted during a full-throttle laying season.

Pumpkin Seeds contain worthy levels of good fats and are known to aid in removal of internal parasitesFlax Seeds are high in protein and contain omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids that increase the overall health benefits of chicken eggs. Calendula is a healing herb that internally promotes gold/orange egg yolks and is good for digestion. You'll see right glossy plumage,and overall alertness in your feathered friends. What you can't see is active and proper intestinal flora and fabulous micronutrients from the addition of Kelp Meal into Pumpkin Seed Snacks. The flora and micronutrients are hard at work keeping everything moving along! Kelp Meal is added to the pellets to ensure the birds are actually eating the kelp meal instead of picking through it and tossing it to the side.

  • Organic, Natural and Healthy
  • Wholesome, Tasty Snacks -Eggcellent

Made in the USA

For chicks under two weeks of age be sure they have access to grit so they can properly digest their food.

Not for human consumption. These ingredients are organic, top grade, earthy, healthy and surely worth clucking about. Store in a cool, dry location and avoid extreme heat and direct sunlight. Do not expose to moisture. Not intended for medical use. Keep out of reach of children. Best when used within 90 days of opening package.