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Hemp Bedding and Bedding Buddy Combo


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Save $5 when you purchase Hemp Bedding and Bedding Buddy together!

CityChick now offers the best coop bedding products together to help you save. Combine hemp bedding and Bedding Buddy in your coop for cleaner eggs and to help naturally deodorize your coop!

For best results, clean out your coop. Place a layer of the Bedding Buddy product down on the floor of the coop. Place the Hemp bedding on top of the Bedding Buddy product.

If you're already using hemp bedding with your chickens, add Bedding Buddy to your hemp bedding for the ultimate odor-fighting combo! Hemp bedding for chickens is the most absorbant and low dust bedding on the market. 

Bedding Buddy from New Country Organics has a combination of montmorillonite and diatomite has the power to neutralize sneaky, harmful ammonia for good through a chemical binding process called adsorption—without binding crucial vitamins and minerals in your soil later.

It also absorbs up to 120% of its own weight in moisture, so wet spots beware! The bacteria that boogie on animal waste thrive in damp areas (and so do flies, for the record), so eliminating moisture is a key to better barn health.