Clean coop combo - Bedding Buddy + premium organic softwood shavings

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Save $8 when you purchase Bedding Buddy and Premium Softwood shavings together!

Need to clean out your coop? Save money when you bundle Bedding Buddy and a bag of premium organic softwood shavings together. Use the Bedding Buddy on the floor of your coop and place the shavings down on top of it for a powerful way to keep your coop dry and to reduce any 'fowl' odors. 

About the organic shavings:
These premium-flake organic wood shavings are made with a mixture of spruce and balsam. They are a precise mix of small, medium, and large flakes to suit all animal bedding needs. The small flakes help absorb moisture and make it easy to pick through, so there is less waste. The large flakes work great for show days and provide the ultimate cushion for animals to stand and lay on.

About Bedding Buddy:

Made from carefully selected, OMRI Listed ingredients, Bedding Buddy absorbs moisture and neutralizes harmful odors in all animal living areas.
  • 100% natural earth ingredients that neutralize odors and absorb wet spots
  • Compost and field safe
  • Helps prolong the life of your bedding
  • Made in the USA