Wait, why on earth would I want to rent a chicken?

Many of our customers want to find out if owning chickens is right for them. Did you know that a healthy hen can live up to 8 to 10 years? Why invest all that time and money into a coop and chickens, only to find out that you really don't like keeping chickens after all? You won't be "stuck" trying to re-home those sweet chickens. We make the entire experience as "worry-free" as possible.

Can I even have chickens in the city of Atlanta?

It is legal to have chickens in Fulton county. It is now legal in Unincorporated Dekalb county to have chickens - but there are limits. Many HOA's do not allow chickens so always check with your HOA first. Not sure if you can have chickens? Contact your local zoning office or check your munciode by clicking on the link (you'll need to search for your city, and search the term poultry):

What happens if I get attached to the hens? Can I purchase the package?

Yes! You can apply any paid monthly rental price up to 25% off the purchase of your coop. Feed purchases do not count towards the purchase price of the coop.

How much time do I need to spend with the chickens each day?

Like with any pet, chickens come with daily responsibilities. Every day you need to check the food and water. The hens need to be locked up in the coop at night and let down in the morning. Dirty bedding should be removed once every other day. Simple!

We love the chickens, and we want to build our own coop. Can we only purchase the hens?

Yes! We love when our customers get "chicken fever" and build their own coops. The hens are available for purchase at $40 per hen.

Are the chickens able to be let out to roam around if I’m working in the yard?

Yes! We recommend that free range time be supervised. Humans aren't the only ones that find chickens delicious. If you are in the yard, keep an eye out for hawks and or owls in the neighborhood. We allow our girls to free range quite a bit - and we just keep an eye on them while they are enjoying their free time!

What if, God forbid, something happens to the chickens?

We want the ladies to be safe during their visit so we'll teach you how to protect them from predators. During the rental, if anything should happen to the chickens - there will be a $40 replacement fee per hen. If anything happens the chickens as a part of neglect (not feeding, watering) - we will remove the chickens from the premises. Should a hen pass away from being sick, there will be no replacement fee.

Will I save money on eggs by renting chickens?

Heavens no. However, if you were thinking about buying chickens consider this - a new chicken owner typically spends over $500 starting a flock. With renting chickens, you'll save money by trying things out. And let's not forget why eggs are so cheap in the grocery store. Those hens are possibly kept in crowded living conditions and fed the cheapest food possible.

The rental fee includes the starter feed and shavings only, correct? After that runs out, I’m on my own?

No - we will deliver the supplies every month. The rental fee does not include the feed cost. The price of the soy free, organic feed is $38.50 for a 50-pound bag. For 3 hens - you will need approximately 40 - 45 lbs of feed every month. For a small fee, we'll clean out the coop and do a quick check up on the hens when we drop off the supplies.

Do you provide a pamphlet outlining how much the chickens are supposed to eat, how often to change their bedding, how often I should move their house etc?

We do provide a chicken 101 pamphlet. We also provide a one-hour chicken intro course included with the rental price when we set the chickens up. Have a question during the rental? Call us or e-mail us anytime.

Can I have my dogs around the chickens?

We do have a small Irish Hunt Terrier that gets along great with the chickens. There are some breeds that may not - just check with us!

How many eggs will my chickens lay?

The number will vary by breed of hen, and by the time of year. Hens typically lay more during the Spring and Summer months.

Why can't I use my own feed for the chickens?

We have raised the girls on a specific feed. We have done a lot of research on the feed, and we believe the formula we use is best for the hen's health. The feed we use is a premium organic, soy free, non- GMO feed. If you already have chickens - we can sell the feed to you at .99 cents per pound.

I don't have a fence, can I still have chickens?

Many of our customers don't have complete fencing in their yards. It is extremely important that if you free range, that the girls are kept under close watch. We recommend our run attachment to give the flock extra space and that way they are protected. Some of our customers have built their own run attachments. Remember, protection is important!

Our yard has been treated recently for weeds. Can I still have chickens?

No. I recommend at least a 6 month waiting period if any insecticide/pesticide or other chemical treatment has been laid down. Remember, chickens eat whats on the ground when they are free ranging. Besides, chickens LOVE finding bugs - use the flock as a form of natural pest control!

What breed of hens will I receive?

We currently use Golden Comets in our rental program. Golden Comets are great layers, and very curious birds! Read more about Golden Comets here.

I have some young chickens that I want to keep separate from the rest of my flock. Do you rent the coop only?

Yes! The 6 ft coop (no run attachment) is available to rent by itself for $49.99. It includes a month's supply of pine shavings. Perfect if you are raising a new set of chickens that you want to keep separate from the main flock.

Do chickens carry diseases?

Like with any livestock animal, poultry can carry germs like salmonella. We don't recommend children younger than 3, the elderly, or anyone with a weakened immune system to handle poultry. Always wash your hands after handling chickens and no kissing or cuddling with the chickens! Always keep your chickens outdoors. To read more about chickens and salmonella visit the CDC's website.

Okay - I am ready to rent! What is the next step?

Send an e-mail to email@citychickatl.com with your contact information. We will respond within 24-48 hours to set up a quick chicken consultation!

For answers to more questions....

Visit a great site - http://www.backyardchickens.com/ or contact us with any other question with rentals you may have.

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