CityChick employees are waiting to hear from you!

Monthly rental package: $600

Imagine the delight of your students as they get to collect their own eggs! We provide one of our custom built coop and runs, 3 hens, organic feed, feeder, shavings, weekly coop cleanings, treats, and a free "chicken care" class. The coop is designed to keep the maintenance at a minimum. The only thing your faculty and staff will have to do is to enjoy the eggs!

We provide continual support during the rental period. Not sure if your outside area can have chickens? Contact us at and we can provide a free consultation. 

We do come out and speak to classes. If interested, contact us!

There are lots of children who live in the city who have never seen a chicken in person. What a great chance for a child to learn more about where their food comes from. CityChick will deliver a fun, educational experience to your school. 

Why chickens at a school?

School packages:

Day visit package (3 hours) $350 - Perfect for any Summer camp workshop, fair, or event. We provide the coop, set up, 3 hens, and 2 "chicken handlers" to answer any questions. Free delivery inside the metro Atlanta area. 2 week advance notice required. $85 per additional hour.