*Price does not include cost of feed.  We use the best 100% Organic, non-GMO feed.  The cost is .99 cents per pound.  Typically, 3 hens will eat one pound a day.  We suggest starting off with 30 lbs of feed for the 3 hen package and 50 lbs for the 5 hen package.  Minimum 25lb. purchase is required with monthly rental.

Experience gathering your very own backyard eggs without having to commit to full time ownership.

We know that costs can add up when it comes to owning chickens - try our affordable rental program.  We make backyard chickens fun and easy!

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Enjoy All Eggs Produced By Your Girls

Backyard Coop Setup & Breakdown Service

5 Hens

     8 ft Coop & run 



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We have several different styles of coops available to purchase.  As well as shavings, feed, and more!

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Students Love Learning About Chickens!

Contact us and we can make arrangements to bring one of our girls to the classroom!  


6 ft.Coop & run  $64.99*


  • Your Very Own Coop with Nesting Boxes
  • 3 Hens 
  • 6 ft. custom cedar run now included with the price! 
  • Bedding - high quality shavings
  • Free Delivery inside Metro Atlanta
  • Feeder & Waterer
  • Chicken 101 course
  • Worry Free Rental Promise!

Rent or Buy - Simplified to Fit Your Budget