Meet Our Girls

Heath Ward:
As a child, I loved visiting my grandparents farm in Alabama.  Chasing chickens kept me busy since I could never catch them!  Eggs cooking in the cast iron skillet is a sound that resonates with me today -- it is hard to beat the flavor of fresh eggs for breakfast.  

Having chickens is no longer something that has to be experienced in the country - but in your very own backyard.  We started CityChick to share the passion that we have for chickens to our friends and neighbors in the city of Atlanta.  I love knowing where my food comes from every day, and I think you will too.  

Chickens do so much more than provide us  fresh eggs everyday.  They provide a fantastic pest control service, a great fertilizer service, and are just plain fun.   If you have never seen a chicken run -- you are just missing out on one of nature's greatest comedies.

As an adult, I am happy to report I can easily catch all of my own chickens, and I still enjoy fresh eggs in the morning!


"White Sultan"

"​Buff Orpington"

"Rhode Island Red"

"Easter Egger"